A Moment of Silence for the Orlando Massacre

By Rev. Christian Watkins

Christian offers the following poem – Inspired by Emmanuel Ortiz, “A Moment of Silence” – Written for the First United Church of Christ (Congregational) Milford, CT Peace Vigil, June 13, 2016

Let our moment of silence,
Not be the end.
Only our middle, perhaps,
The first step, even.
Silence can be nothing more than a pause.
A gathering of energy.
Our cry at sunset.
Silence is our beginning.
Our, “What next?”
Or, “How to?”
Do not let silence clothe you in false security,
While others are bleeding,
Families are mourning,
Lives are at stake.
Ask yourselves,
“If your child shakes in fear, do you not go to them?”
Silence cannot be our answer.
The quiet will never mean peace,
If it rests on broiling backs.
Silence must be bold,
Never meek.
This silence reminds us,
There is work to be done.

Christian is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and serves as Associate Pastor of First United Church of Christ in Milford, CT.


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