The Constructive Theologies Project is a group of young adult theological thought leaders within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) seeking to cultivate ideas that move across racial, vocational, intellectual and economic lines to address the possibilities that face the Disciples of Christ today. At present, the group is focused on issues of racial injustice and theologies that might found the church’s work of reconciliation, as is evident within this blog.

The project is an initiative sponsored by the Disciples Divinity House of the University of Chicago through a grant from the Oreon E. Scott Foundation. It was given initial shape by Andrew Packman, a PhD student in Theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School, and Christian Watkins, an MDiv graduate of Yale Divinity School, who had a vision for establishing an “idea trust” that was responsive to the existential situation of the church. As Andrew Packman observed, “The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) faces a series of crises: a demographic crisis facing mainline Protestantism, a faith crisis in an increasingly secularized culture, an identity crisis facing a Christian unity movement in a world of identity politics. These crises are existential; they call out to us de profundis. And they are questions that will shape the church that is to come.”

Since its beginning in 2015, members of the Constructive Theologies Project have gathered in a number of places and ways for presentations, book discussion, sharing of stories, and the work of constructing theology for a better church and a better world. Our hope is that this blog will allow us to engage more fully not only with each other but also with the broader church.

A special thanks to the Oreon E. Scott Foundation and the Disciples Divinity House for their generous support, and to all our readers. We welcome your responses, reflections, encouragement and critique at feedback@constructivetheologies.org.